Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has never been more important than now and Stolworthy Electrical provides both energy efficiency advice and energy saving equipment installation services.

Ultimately energy efficiency is about protecting both the planet and the limited resources available on it. However in day-to-day terms, energy efficiency is very much about cost and a desire to lower overall energy costs even as the cost of raw materials, or wholesale supplies rise.

It’s in this very practical world that Stolworthy electrical operates and we understand very well the need to drive down costs with the minimum of up-front investment.

Energy Efficiency Design

While certain aspects of energy efficiency design can be undertaken in isolation, a truly effective solution (or set of solutions) must always have the building at its core. This is not just the size, and type of building, but also its location and orientation.

The extensive experience Stolworthy Electrical has of system design, equipment specification and installation means that we can design efficient energy systems that are optimized fully for the building, while still keeping a sharp eye on the budget.

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